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Limassol (Lemesos), surrounded by vineyards and citrus plantations, is a thriving friendly harbor at the south cost of Cyprus and the second largest city on the Island (after Nicosia or Lefkosia) where hardly a month passes without any festival or celebration. This fact and the swinging night- life, which visitors from all over the world enjoy, gave Limassol the name "Little Miami"

Limassol city

It offers kilometers of sandy beaches, luxurious Cyprus hotels and holiday apartments of all categories. Apartment buildings with tropical green surrounds, boulevards with little boutiques, snack bars, restaurants and at every corner, disco bars. After Turkish invasion in 1974, it became the distance center of all cities of Cyprus. But mainly it is Cyprus center for the spirit and wine industry, which is celebrated in September with plenty of free wine and the famous KEO beer.

Limassol is situated between the two most important ancient City-Kingdoms. Amathus in the east and Curium to the west. The name Limassol (Lemesos-in Greek) derived from the Greek word "ne mesos" (in between) seems to point this location between the two famous ancient cities.

The actual history of Limassol is undoubtedly established with the arrival of King Richard the Lion Heart of England in Cyprus, during the third crusade.

Limassol's luck though came and went with the Turks and Venetians. In the following centuries it was destroyed over and over again due to the fighting between the two nations and in the 19th century there were only 150 houses left in the once proud city. Not until the British ruled the city, it flourished again due to the wine industry and later it was discovered as a great Cyprus holiday resort.

Visit to places of interest would include Limassol's Castle, which houses the Mediaeval Museum, The District Archaeological Museum, the folk art museum, the Kolossi Castle, the Municipal Art Gallery and the Municipal Gardens..

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